Who hasn't experienced it at some point - the mustiness of damp walls in buildings with no or insufficient insulation? And when the plaster begins to fall off the walls, salt blisters with paint flaking appear on the facade and spots of mould make rooms impossible to live in, this is usually the end phase of a process which has been going on for some years. At this point it would be wrong to treat these damaged areas "cosmetically" with only mortar and

paint, and have to put up with a very unhealthy living climate with higher energy costs. This stage of damage requires thorough corrective action in order to prevent total dilapidation of these sections of the house. When moisture from the ground rises up a wall due to the capillary action in the masonry material, it is called rising damp or salt damp.  It carries with it corrosive salts, and causes a number of serious problems.


The Lectros System - How it work

The system introduces a very small and perfectly safe electric current into the wall just above ground level through a series of titanium anodes inserted into

the brickwork.

Its effect is to repel the rising moisture molecules down the walls and harmlessly back into the ground. As long as this tiny positive charge is maintained,

the protected walls remain dry and totally free of damp

Installation is neat and quick. A series of small holes are drilled in the outside masonry just above ground level, and tiny anodes inserted, linked by a

special connecting wire which is 'pointed' into the wall. The finished result is virtually invisible and the disruption is minimal.

The Lectros system has the following benefits:

· Permanently guards against the dangers of rising damp

· Protects property of any age or structure

· Simple to install with little disturbance to building structure

· Immediately effective

· Virtually indestructible (self healing) 

· Can be fitted with monitoring system for added peace of mind 

· 20 year fully insurance backed Guarantee

The Lectros system is easy and quick to install

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Drilling hole to receive a node

A node ready for inserting into wall

A node inserted in wall and secured with brick plug

Connecting wires from power unit to a node wire

Crimping of wires

Earth wire connected to earth rod outside property

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